With Grief and Life Coaching, I aim to help bridge the present with the past.

What is the difference between counseling and coaching?

When a person goes to counseling it is usually to work on a specific problem. The therapist will work with the client on the problem using a specified type of therapy for the problem. In order to be reimbursed by insurance the problems must meet the DSM_V criteria for a mental health disorder. This diagnosis can follow a person for a life time.

Coaching is an active process where the coach and client work together towards the client's goal or goals. Hiring a coach helps bring focus and clarity to the areas of where the client feels stuck. The coach is a supporter of the client while the client creates the direction of the coaching.

What is grief coaching?

Grief is a normal response to the death of a loved one. It is not an illness nor is it a mental health disorder. A grief coach listens to you tell your story, supports you in understanding the loss in the context of your life, and helps you create your life again.

When is an appropriate time to start grief coaching after the loss of a loved one?

Grief is a mind numbing emotional process. Grief does not go away you learn to cope with it. For this reason I suggest waiting until 9 months or later after the death of a loved one before considering hiring a grief coach. During the first few months of grieving your energy is down, your emotions are raw, and the daily functioning is hard to maintain. Once you have adapted to the new level of emotion in your life then the grief coaching can begin.

What is the process of grief coaching?

I don't have a particular framework I work from; because frankly it is not about me as the coach. It is about you as the griever. When someone dies that you loved whether it is a spouse, a child or a parent, your life has changed. This change affects every part of you physically, emotionally, and mentally. I support you while you re-create who you are after the death. You decide the direction of the coaching. My job is to provide support, focus and clarity.